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Congratulations, You Are Now A Gilded Pleb!

You now have a HAB Node. You have eliminated many single points of failure for your node, meaning it will be more reliable to Bitcoin and all higher layers will be more reliable to you. This is the way, and you have walked it.

You are well on your way to becoming a true, First Class Citizen in the new bitcoin-centric economy.

Again, Congratulations!

Special Thanks

This guide would not be possible without the tremendous work that all the giants who came before us have done.

In particular, these blogs, docs, articles, repos, and resources were instrumental in getting this project built and off the ground. Do check them all out:


We lived in these docs for months. Docs writing in no joke. Go thank someone who has written docs.


Guides connect all the pieces. The internet would not exist without them. The people behind these guides are heros.

And lastly, we are in deep debt to the work of Ricardo Sanchez

Special Shout-Outs

Let's not forget a special shout out to all the wonderful communities and people on GitHub, Reddit, and StackOverflow.

Life. Savers.

In Closing

Thank you. Thank you for completing this guide, and for making Bitcoin stronger!

If you appreciate what you have seen, and would like to support this project, check out the Support Page.