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Gilded Pleb here, I have been involved in Bitcoin for a long time, but with a strong preference for remaining a private pleb. This is my semi-public debut on a new pseudonymous account, pleasure to make your acquaintance!

I have wanted to work on, in, or around Bitcoin for years now. However, my love of and deep respect for Bitcoin as well as my atypical background, have, for a long time, caused me to stop and say, "Sure, but how to break into that space, what can I bring to the table?"

In pursuit of that end, in 2018, I learned to code. But that alone shouldn't be enough. So, in 2019-2022, I worked as a Full Stack developer at a transportation startup— getting professional experience in everything from actual hardware, to CSS animations. Nearing the end of that incredible experience, I felt like I could finally bring something to the table.

I put together a portfolio project to show off my skills, in pursuit of a job in bitcoin, and this HAB Node and guide was the result: hardware, DevOps, FrontEnd, and even animation in the introduction page. I am very please with how this all turned out, only wishing that I could have incorporated a DB to show of backend skills as well (but check out the very rough Relational LevelDB backend project I spun up!).

Certainly, the HAB Node project may be bigger than my desire to get a job, so I really can not complain.

Though it is a work in progress, I hope that for some of you, a HAB Node is a net addition to the space, and pushes the conversation forward about creating nodes which can truly support the entire spectrum of peer-to-peer and distributed infrastructure in very reliable, private, affordable, non-relay, non-federated, and sovereign ways for everyone. Indeed, Plebs should be able to put the entire internet on our shoulders, if that hasn't started already (it has), this is how it really picks up momentum.

By browsing this site, and hopefully being intrigued or challenged by these ideas—even if you disagree—you have helped this project be better, thank you for the support.

Thank you.

There is much more to come, and as you are well aware, Bitcoin is only getting started,


— Gilded Pleb

A few notes on additional support for this project.

In addition to reading about this project, there are a few other ways you can show support if you are so inclined:

  • Follow me on Twitter @gildedpleb say hi and let's have a conversation! Or, gildedpleb at protonmail.
  • Share links to this website on the platforms of your choice.
  • Watch, star, and contribute to these projects on GitHub: the Helm Chart, Ansible Playbooks, and the Guide. There is much we still need to learn and many problems yet to solve.
  • Importantly, for this project to continue, it needs people to build HAB nodes, document the progress, tinker, write issues/PRs and collaborate. There are a million ways to skin this cat, let's start figuring out the best ones.
  • If your preferred way of contributing to Bitcoin is incubating startups, funding companies, or investing in entrepreneurs, lets talk. If it's not obvious, there are a handful of startups and business opportunities concealed in these pages which can materially improve the lives of Bitcoiners.
  • Directly funding via grants, donations, or other voluntary avenues is also an option. Get in touch for a bitcoin address, and information on how said capital might be deployed.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most pressingly, this started as a portfolio project for a reason: to be an attractive candidate for a job in Bitcoin. It turned into something else, clearly, but I am still very keen on staying humble and stacking sats. Let's talk if you have an open position for a Full Stack Engineer in Bitcoin only. If you have already posted jobs that appear to me to fit the bill, expect my application!